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Research on Energy at the TU Berlin


The Innovation Center Energy brings together the activities of the TU Berlin on the topic “Energy”. It links the existing expertise and offers a central platform for the internal communication and collaboration, as well as for that with industry and external research partners. Moreover, the IZE supports young scientists who work on energy-related topics and integrates the research resources and expertise in the capital region.

From these pages, you will get an overview of our research fields, structure and industry associates as well as our systemic approach to the problem of energy in modern cities. more...

Focus: City and Energy

More than half of the world population lives in cities, where it consumes about 75% of the produced energy. Consequently, cities and their sustainable energy supply are the key to an energy-efficient world. Our researchers focus on three research pillars:

  • Supply infrastructure
  • Energy Efficient Transport
  • Energy Efficient Buildings,

Further organized in six thematic clusters, these characterize our priorities and meet our core competencies.


In their labs our scientists simulate, calculate and optimize scenarios of the city of tomorrow and develop the required technologies. Thanks to exchange and cooperation with decision makers from politics and business, they follow their vision to implementation. The dynamic environment of the capital region Berlin / Brandenburg offers ideal conditions to integrate the developed solutions in external and self-initiated projects.


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